About us 

Red River DOT Consulting & Training, LLC, was founded at the beginning of 2013 due to direct requests from several oil and gas service companies and numerous carriers for assistance and guidance to improve and reduce their SMS BASIC scores. We established and developed a comprehensive training program specializing in the oil & gas industry.

Our focus at Red River is to provide companies tools to keep their 7 BASIC scores low, their drivers safe and management worry-free from DOT interventions by personal hands-on, basic style training, without a lot of fluff.
Red River’s founders have a combined 94 years of experience in the transportation industry. We have owned and/or managed several successful trucking companies over the years. Since 2002, we have successfully implemented safety and compliance programs for several oil and gas service companies. We have trained hundreds of drivers on how to properly log their hours of service and perform pre- and post-trip inspections to operate the equipment they are responsible for in a safe manner.

We have found through all of our experience that it is beneficial to be more hands-on and personal with drivers and management to keep the carrier compliant in all areas. Whether you are a carrier in the New Entrant Program, established carrier wanting to improve your BASIC Scores and reduce your insurance premiums or an Oilfield Service Company needing to have your driver’s trained in the Oilfield Exemptions – we have the knowledge and experience to assist.

Our training program covers the following and is a must for drivers and management to obtain a possible reduction in insurance premiums and maintain a low SMS score to ultimately be more profitable:

Meet Our Team


  • FMCSA Rules and Regulations
  • CSA Programs
  • The Four Components of CSA
  • 7-BASICs
  • SMS Program
  • PSP Program
  • Intervention
  • Oilfield Exemptions
  • New Hours of Service Rules
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