Carrier Assessment
If you are an established carrier and havenu2019t developed a Compliance Program or are not sure if your program is compliant, we can do an in-house assessment. Contact Red River to schedule an assessment to determine if you have any deficiencies so that we can help you develop a corrective action plan.
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Mock Audit
If you have recently registered and received a USDOT, you will be placed in the New Entrant Program and will be monitored for 18 months. Within the 18-month period, you must undergo and pass a Safety Audit to continue operating in interstate commerce. Contact Red River to schedule an in house mock audit to identify and correct any deficiencies before the DOT safety audit.   
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In-House Training (All Areas)
If your company has five or more drivers or management that need training Red River can scheduled on-site training at the carrieru2019s facility. Often times, this is the preferred choice for companies as Red River is able to create customized plans based upon a companysu2019s unique needs.
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Hours of Service (Log) Training
Each driver who operates a CMV must record his/her duty status for each 24-hour period. This is an important part of our training and we spend adequate time training your team. We donu2019t just show those attending our class how to log, we teach them how to PROPERLY log.
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Develop Driver Qualification Files
Under FMCSA Part 391, each driver must have a Driver Qualification File containing the required set of documents. Red River can help your company develop these files or build the files for you to ensure the files meet FMCSA Rules & Regulations.
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Dispute Roadside Inspection (Violation Write Ups)
Although the enforcement agencies across the nation are very well-trained and perform an excellent job, during roadside inspections, from time to time, mistakes are made. If you retain our services, we will review all examination reports and dispute any incorrect write-ups on your behalf, would of had a negative impact on your BASIC score.
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Carrier for Hire Assessments
If you are a shipper or a carrier and you hire carriers to haul your freight, it is important to know the carriers you choose are DOT Compliant. It is extremely important due to shipperu2019s liability for carriers hired to be DOT compliant. Contact Red River to arrange in-house assessments with the carriers contracted to haul freight for your company.
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Random Log Audit
To ensure all drivers, a carrier must properly complete the HOS Log and we strongly recommend a carrier audit these logs. Depending on the number of drivers, at a minimum, this should be done quarterly. Although a carrier may be auditing their drivers' logs, we have found it beneficial to have an outside source perform this service. Contact Red River to assist in developing this program.
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Develop Equipment Maintenance Files
Under FMCSA Part 396, each power unit and trailer being used in interstate commerce must have an Equipment Maintenance file on-hand and stored where the units are housed. FMCSA Rules and Regulations specify the format and the contents of the files that must contain specific information. Red River can help set up your files to meet FMCSA regulations.
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New Hire Drivers Training
It is strongly recommended that all new hire drivers attend Entry Level Drivers Training. This will help ensure all employed drivers have been properly trained, which can result in reduced violations during roadside inspections.

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Develop Random Drug and Alcohol Testing Program
Under FMCSA 382 and 392, each carrier must have a policy and program in place that will ensure the proper percentage of drivers are tested for drugs and alcohol during a 12-month period. No matter the size of your fleet, there are a couple of options that can help you determine which options are best for your company. 
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Call In and Email Question and Answer Access for our Clients
For our clients who retain our services, we will make ourselves available to answer questions by phone or email and for emergencies. With this service, we are available 24/7 for management and drivers. 
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Preventative Maintenance Program
Per FMCSA 396.3, every motor carrier must systematically inspect, repair, maintain or cause to be systematically inspected, repaired and maintained all motor vehicles subject to its control. This is another very important tool to help the carrier stay compliant. Red River can help the carrier develop this program.
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Annual Driver Review
Per FMCSA 391.27, each motor carrier must perform annual reviews for each driver employed and list all violations of motor vehicle traffic laws and ordinances of which the driver has been convicted of during the last 12 months. This is often overlooked by carriers. Contact Red River to perform this function. 

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Workshops and Training Sessions

Compliance for Drivers Training
Management and Human Resources Training
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